Website Design

An author’s website that features information about the author, his works, and event appearances.

Client: Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Michigan; Brief: Create a poster that engages students and community members in participating in learning workshops on career paths and job search insights on global engagement. Aside from the event information, it was important to the client to highlight the distinguished professionals who will be sharing their stories and experiences at the event.

Poster Design

Various posters created for several clients. Poster designs are composed of text and graphical elements relevant to what’s being promoted.

ASC's activities, research, and partnerships in and on Africa.

Artwork Design

ASC’s activities, research, and partnerships in and on Africa. Conceptualized for the African Studies Center’s 10th anniversary, the icons are visual expressions and interpretations of the center’s breadth of activities and research initiatives.

Animation Design

An eGreeting created for University of California, Irvine Student Affairs

old photo restoration

The original image has cracks, stains, and faded colors. Using Adobe Photoshop’s different tool, I was able to remove the … More

Mountain Elk

Digital artwork: Mountain elk

Digital artwork sketched on paper then scanned and cleaned using Adobe Photoshop. Final drawing was created on Adobe Illustrator.